Billy Sheehan, Steve Harris, Nikki Sixx. 

Chris Squier, Geezer Butler, Gene Simmons.

From one end of the bass-playing spectrum to the other, these men are the reason Chris asked his tremendously supportive mother for a bass. He proceeded to spend hours learning their bass lines, melodies and songs. 

Born into a family filled with musicians certainly planted the seed, but the real musical bug came after Chris saw his uncle Kevin Klenke 
and his band, Buffalo, New York's new wave act, The Fans, doing their soundcheck at a long since closed local watering hole. Chris was unsure of what he was witnessing, or the impact it would have on his life, but he knew he liked it and wanted to do it.

Solidifying his chops performing in various groups as a teenager, Chris helped form the precursor to DoDriver, the three-time Buffalo Music Award winner, Jive Injection, with Mike and Jody in 1992. After many shows, events, milestones, recordings, a wedding, and a tour - and much soul searching - Chris decided to hang up his four strings to dedicate his time to his growing young family.

He never lost that "bug", though. 

"Life Changes Everything", indeed. Fast-forward to 2015, almost 20 years to the day, and here we go again...