Mike Trabucco

Originally inspired by KISS, Mike got his first guitar at the age of 15 (a Harmony with a 3 watt amp). After "paying his dues" he graduated to a Gibson Les Paul just like his idols Ace Frehley and Jimmy Page played. Once he learned a few chords, Mike started playing in bands, most of which featured Jody Velletta on vocals and always placing the highest priority on writing original  music. When writing guitar arrangements Mike really tries to pull influence from a variety of music styles, therefore keeping the material fresh. Some of Mike's favorite bands are Kiss, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, early Genesis, and of course DoDRIVER. And without naming names, Mike said "he does like a good pop tune or two............he he".

Mike Plays:

Gibson  Les Paul guitars - Fender Telecaster - SANS amp